25 July 2020
Land, Sea and community, BlueLandDay 2020: 25 July, third edition at Tricase (Lecce)

#Land#Sea and #Community will be the theme of Blue Land Day third edition, which will be held in Tricase (Lecce) on 25 July, starting at 8 pm.
An event dedicated to the #environment, aimed at promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, as part of the successful experience attempt to integrate wellbeing, the economy and the environment that Tricase and its Port Museum are pursuing.
The programme, coordinated by CIHEAMBari, an international organization with a field office in Tricase, jointly with the Municipality of Tricase and its Port Museum, will take place along the harbour quays at Rotonda.
The event will be opened at 8 pm by Maurizio Raeli, director of CIHEAM Bari. Teodoro Miano, vice-president of CIHEAM, Fabio Pollice, Rector of the University of Salento, Domenico Laforgia, Managing Authority of Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme from Regione Puglia, Felice Ungaro, head of the Health Marketplace coordination special structure, will be among the guest speakers.
A meeting/debate, titled Community is the territory, will follow and will be moderated by Massimo Zuccaro, (CIHEAM Bari), BLUE LAND Project manager. The "community goals" achieved by the project will be illustrated through the testimonies of Jenny Calabrese, head of the Knowledge Unit ‘Biodiversity, Forestry, and Applied Ecology’, at CIHEAM Bari, Michele Scardi, Professor of Ecology at the University of Roma Tor Vergata and Research Cooperative Institute consultant, Marco Dadamo, environmental expert. Moreover, the partner communities of Albania and Montenegro where the "Blue Land Area" is being established with the support of Tricase. will join the event online.
The participatory model promoted by Blue Land builds on the involvement of local communities for protection and preservation of marine and coastal resources, habitats, biodiversity and ecosystem services. What is expected is a socio-economic development that will lead to improved quality of the environment and greater sustainability in the future.
FUTURE of the SEA, Preservation, Sustainability and New Resources is the title of the workshop contribution by Stefano Piraino, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies, University of Salento.
The Blue Land Day will be closed by Maestro Roberto Esposito ‘s solo piano performance and a tribute to the late composer Ennio Morricone by cellist Redi Hasa.