05 June 2019
3 June, CIHEAM Bari Outpost (Tricase, Lecce)

Avamposto MARE (CIHEAM Bari Outpost, Tricase): meeting between stakeholders and local players on ecosystem services, to share development objectives and priorities identified for the territory of Tricase, in order to define BLUE LAND, a model for participatory co-management of marine and coastal areas.

The meeting is organized in the framework of the BLUE LAND Project, by the Cooperative Research Institute-ICR.

The program of the meeting includes the presentation of the marine area in front of the coast of Tricase and a brief description of the concept of Natural Capital associated with the main macro-ecosystems.

Guided discussion and detailed analysis on the perceived value of the area and the identified macro-ecosystems.

Suggestions from the discussion will be useful to define a possible management of the marine environment and its resources.